Dnyansankul E-Learning Training Organization

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Dnyansankul E-Learning Training Organization

DELTO is Dnyansankul E-Learning Training Organization provides various e-Learning training programs for the students. The main aim of organization is to provide latest & updated knowledge of various applications of computer to the student.

DELTO provide a training of various applications in such a manner that your organization conduct & provide training of computer applications to the student. A training flow & syllabus has been covered as per your requirement.

Many of your organizations suffering problem of well-developed and knowledgeable teaching staff. Many times due to technical or personal problem, staff is absent for provide training to the student. Or due to some personal problem students are absent for lecture and staff has to repeat lecture again. For these types of various reasons, DELTO found a solution and provide e-Learning Videos for various computer applications which are helpful for Staff and Students also.

Once a student is registered for specific course with DELTO, he can learn all the topics of that specific course step by step through videos. These videos are completely developed by DELTO in Marathi regional language so that student can easily understand the topic.

After completing the training of that particular course, Student can give online exam for that course. If student get passing grade, he will be awarded by DELTO by giving certificate for that course.

DELTO Certificate for Studnets

DELTO Certificate


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